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Eminence PX-BII 1K6 кроссовер пассивный

Полноразмерное фото Eminence PX-BII 1K6 кроссовер пассивный
Цена: 6 700 руб.
заказать: шт.

Eminence PX-BII 1K6 кроссовер пассивный
2-way / 400 W / 1.6 kHz / 8 Ohms

Designed to work in high-power cabinets, px crossovers are technically superior passive filters available as board-only or complete with fitted hardware for a smart, economical 'factory-fit' finish. Designed and built for Eminence, px crossovers feature.

Type 2-way
Crossover Frequency 1.6 kHz
12dB/octave LP
18dB/octave HP
Slope Butterworth
Impedance 8 ohms
Power Handling 400W
HF Level ~
Mounting cut-out ~

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